Thursday, April 30, 2009

Squeezing A Last-Minute Post Into April

Time gets away from me... How did I manage to miss most of April? I really mean to update much more frequently - it's a hard habit to get into, but apparently pretty easy to break.

Lest I allow the entire month to pass without a post, let me give a quick update:

I've been spinning

and acquiring new tools

The loom has been neglected lately. I want to remedy that - I have a warp for some monk's belt towels that is 3/4 sleyed through the reed. A few hour's attention will get it finished and threaded, and then I can start the weaving. The colors are lovely spring shades - I need to get going on it, so I can enjoy the process!

Thanks to Ezara for reminding me that the blog needs care and attention, too. ;-)