Friday, December 31, 2010

Watch This Space

You often see that sign as a placekeeper; a promise of things to come.

Yesterday, I retired from my job of 24 years. I'll be 50 in February - I worked there for nearly half my life. Today I have felt a bit disconnected... a little like I had something amputated, or like I've experienced a broken relationship. A good friend counseled me to "stop looking back - this is not a time for reflection, but a time to move FORWARD and make plans."

So here's the thing. I'm FREE now. Free from the stress and depression that filled my days. Free from the battered-woman-syndrome that had become my coping mechanism. Free from the inability to take time off for anyone or anything. Free from the bully who ruled my life. Free from the toxic atmosphere I breathed for 8 hours a day.

I can feel a fresh breeze blowing through my spirit, and the desire to take charge of my time and my creativity.

Watch this space. Look for much more frequent glimpses of what I'm weaving, spinning, knitting, and creating.

And watch for a woman who sees joy in the distance, not so far off as she'd supposed.