Sunday, January 3, 2010

Huck Lace Towels

I started warping the loom with these towels on New Year's Eve. It is my intention ("resolution" sounds so formal) to weave more this year and learn more about my craft. So I started this project in a structure I haven't used before - Huck Lace.

These towels are from a kit I bought from Cotton Clouds. I own the magazine that contains the project instructions, so I just got the yarns.

I've warped 4.5 yards for 4 towels (32" each, should be 24" hemmed after washing).

After some problems getting the warp complete (learning opportunities!) I started weaving last night:


  1. looks great so far ;) I really like the natural green and beige

  2. that looks mighty complicated. Will the lace close when you wash it?
    Good luck and patience with the towels.


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