Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ten OnTuesday

10 Favourite Games from Your Childhood

1. Jacks. Oh, my goodness - we girls played jacks every chance we got. We always had pockets full of jacks and rubber balls.  As a result, everyone had "jacks bruises" on the bottoms of their barefeet from walking on the strays that got away.

2. Tether Ball. There were 2 tether ball setups on our playground - they were always occupied and had a line of kids waiting to use them.

3. Red Rover. So much fun to try to break people's arms as you burst through the line. Well, not REALLY break their arms.

4. Parcheesi. This was my favourite board game - my cousin and I wore out several sets.

5. Rummy 500. Card game variant on Gin, this one was a favourite of kids and adults in our family.

6. Dominoes. My dad was the dominoes champion in our neighborhood. We liked playing too, but more often than not we were using his domino sets to build elaborate knock-em-down trails all over the house. Heh.

7. Yahtzee. We spent hours and hours playing this game - I've played it as an adult and didn't enjoy it at all. I guess you had to be there.

8. Scrabble. I was never defeated. Being a huge reader, my vocabulary was always the most expansive of all, including the adults in my circle. Eventually no one would play with me. Oh, the angst - and the gloating.

9. Checkers. While I lacked the strategy gene that would have allowed me to think ahead in chess, I could manage ok in Checkers. It was my brother's favourite game, so we played it a lot. I didn't enjoy it as much as he did, but I did like making him happy.

10. Chinese Checkers. SO MUCH FUN to 'accidentally' upset the board when someone else was winning. Ooops.

Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane, Carole! I wonder if I have a set of jacks in my junk drawer...


  1. This may be my favorite topic yet!

  2. Tether ball was my favorite playground game, but I couldn't think of it's name! So much fun :-)

  3. I spent hours "twirrllling" the jacks instead of playing the bounce and pick up version....someone should have put a spindle in my hand.

    ...and Cat's Cradle was another favorite...hum..are we seeing a trend yet?

    Did you ever play Chinese Jump Rope with the string of rubber bands?

  4. As a child I loved Red Rover, Chinese Checkers, Jacks and Scrabble. Another childhood favorite were the games of Tag that would last from after dinner until well after sunset (summer and winter).

  5. I also used to love Red Rover and checkers! :)

  6. Debbie, you need a blog update so I can reciprocate the comments. :)


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