Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Montana Trip 2012

We spent last week in glorious Glacier and Yellowstone National Parks. We usually take the week of our wedding anniversary (33 years and counting!) to get away in the mountains and spend quality time together in close quarters. This usually means driving all over creation in a rental car. :)

We had a wonderful time, as usual. We flew into Great Falls, Montana, and spent the first two days in Marysville, Montana, with my dear friends Sandi and Colin. Then we headed down to Yellowstone in upper Wyoming for two days of hot springs, geysers, and wildlife.

(click for bigger pictures)

Funnel Hot Spring
Old Faithful
Bison Herd
Bighorn Sheep

Next we drove up to Glacier (northeast Montana) to do lots of driving and a little hiking - two separate 5-mile hikes gave us some gorgeous scenery:

St. Mary Lake
St. Mary Falls
SwiftCurrent Lake
Running Eagle Falls
At the higher altitudes, there's snow year round. I can't get used to snow in June!

Logan Pass, on the Going To The Sun Road

Is it any wonder we love Montana so much???


  1. No, no wonder. I want to live there too now. Its a beautiful world.......

  2. Swift Current Lake looks so peaceful...

    I've never been to Montana, but I can see why you love it so.


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