Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Handwoven Rainbow Towels, Done!

Remember these rainbow dishtowels? I finished them, hemmed them, and washed/dried them, and then neglected to take pictures. I'm such a slacker photographer. :)

Here they are!

They were great fun to weave, and they're so pretty. Each one is unique - I used a different weft for each towel (drawn from the warp colors) so they're fraternal rather than identical. I've listed them for sale - 3 have already sold, but I still have a few colors left.

I want to do another run of these, mixing the colors up a bit and perhaps using a different weave structure - so many possibilities!


  1. Hey! The towels look great! I'm not surprised to hear you sold three already...

    :) Susan

  2. Wow, Debbie, those are spectacular! I always love looking at your work.


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