Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Handwoven Tencel Twill Scarf

At the end of August, I warped the borrowed Megado loom for some tencel scarves in a fancy twill.

My friend Susan Harvey of "Thrums" shared the draft (which she used for some gorgeous bookmarks) in this blogpost. I really liked the pattern, but discovered that the 153 picks per repeat couldn't be programmed into the mechanical dobby on the loom - it has only 130 dobby bars. Hmmm. So I turned the draft (swapped the treadling with the threading) and tweaked it a bit, and then I only needed 119 bars.

I got it all warped up, and then... I got busy with other things (commission spinning, the rainbow towels, etc.) and the warp languished on the loom.

My friend Jenny (who allowed me to babysit her loom while she was in England for 6 months) has returned home, and would like her loom back, thank you. :) So I got busy weaving, and now the scarves are well in progress. I really like the way they're turning out.

The warp is a variegated tencel in blue/purple/green, and the weft is black. The little yellow flower pin is marking my progress - I measure, then record the progress and move the pin.

The Kitsune/Harvest sweater is progressing nicely as well - I'm halfway through the decrease section of the body:

 Of course, it won't be cold enough to wear it until late November, so I have plenty of time to knit!


  1. Holy catfish, Debbie! Your weaving is just amazing! I don't foresee myself every getting another loom, so I'll never be able to weave something as intricate as this, but I am truly stunned by yours. And doesn't Susan come up with the most beautiful drafts?

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Not sure I could wrap my little mind around the process!

  3. Hi Debbie! This is absolutely gorgeous! You wouldn't happen to still have the draft to share?

  4. Absolutely gorgeous! You wouldn't happen to still have the draft handy to share???


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