Saturday, December 8, 2012

Chouwa: my new loom!

Here's the latest addition to my loom family - just arrived today! She's a Saori loom, the 60 model (floor loom, , square frame, non-folding).

 Saori 60 2H loom

The wood is birch, and just lovely, with beautiful figuring. Tiny footprint, too - 24" deep by 26" wide, with a 23" weaving width. Only 2 harnesses - this loom comes in either 2 or 4 harness models, I opted for the 2. I wanted this loom for plainweave shawls and scarves and blankets, and didn't need more harnesses on it - I have the Macomber and the Baby Wolf for complex patterns.

Her name is "Chouwa" - it's Japanese (because she's from Japan) for "harmony, balance, tranquility". My spinning wheel has a similar name, from the Navajo - "Hozho"... the name of my blog, too. Spinning and weaving keep me grounded and centered - balanced.

The mechanics/ergonomics of the loom are wonderful. The brakes for both cloth and warp beams are hand-operated, it has an on-board bobbin winder, and the action of the loom is SO quiet.

I look forward to many years of making lovely peaceful loom music together!


  1. How awesome! I am happy you got a new loom that you love. :) Can't wait to see what you make on her!


    1. Thanks, Dana! I do love her, she's just perfect. :)

  2. Hi Debbie, now that you have had this loom for a while, may I ask how you are liking it, and what percent of the time do you use this loom compared to your other looms. I am new to weaving working with a rigid heddle loom, and wonder if this might be the next choice up. Would you suggest this over getting the Baby Wolf? I would like to thank you for your beautiful and informative blogging!


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