Wednesday, February 13, 2013

3 Miles!

...of handspun, that is. I keep track of the yards I spin - that's plied yards... I can't possibly keep track of the singles yardage before plying, so I just keep track of finished yarn. I use a little widget called Knitmeter - it keeps track of your spinning, crochet, or knitting. You can see it in my sidebar, and get one for yourself if you like. I'm a bit amazed that I've hit 3 miles already in 2013! I think completing Mr. Debbie's sweater yarn helped with that...

Speaking of which, here's the finished 4-ply (4 separate plies, fingering weight) sweater yarn. All polwarth, 4 different colorways from Southern Cross Fibre, spun separately and plied together. It's 1800 yards, more than enough for a sweater and matching socks:

Here's a skein of Hello Yarn, rambouillet in one of her shop colorways, "Throwing Stones". 300 yards of n-ply sportweight:

Some luscious merino/silk, from Enchanted Knoll Farm's Hooves club, December 2012, "Rusty Cock". I'm calling it "Rooster"... 150 yards of n-ply sportweight:

And finally, more silk for weaving scarves. This is 2 ounces of tussah silk, from Enchanted Knoll Farm, in her "Gold Dust Woman" colorway. I spun it into 400 yards of n-ply laceweight:


  1. What an achievement!! And your spun yarns look great! My spin-meter would be a joke, but maybe if I could measure warp woven, or warp measured, now that might be impressive...

    1. Oh, wow - don't get me started on measuring miles warped or woven! I've finished lots of towels and scarves since January 1st... I think I'm better off just keeping track of handspun mileage. :)


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