Monday, January 5, 2015


I've weaving some dish-scrubbing cloths to accompany an order of the Autumn Leaves towels I wove last month. I wound a separate warp for these, so they're not exactly the same - my random warps are just that - RANDOM - but I used the same colors, so they'll coordinate. I'm using a different draft of huck texture, to create more "nubbies" for scrubbing. The warp is 12" in the reed and I'm weaving them to 13" on the loom, which will translate to 9"x9" after washing and hemming.

I'm spinning this lovely 50/50 blend of superwash merino and tencel, Enchanted Knoll Farm club for December 2014, called "Poinsettia". I'm planning to spin the whole 4 oz, then chain-ply it.

Hoping to finish this one by day's end and begin the plying...

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  1. Dish cloths sound like a wonderful idea. :) And your spinning is beautiful. Glad to see your'e getting back to normal!


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