Wednesday, December 26, 2007

A Weaver Is Birthed

Yesterday was a good day, filled with family and food. We spent the day and evening at my sister's house, snuggling cute babies and telling the old family stories over again.

This morning I got up with the determination to teach myself how to warp the Rigid Heddle loom (with the aid of the Betty Davenport book and the loom's manual).

The particulars:
25" Schacht Flip Rigid Heddle Loom
Loom stand
8 dent reed (I also have the 10 dent reed and 12 dent reed)
Briggs & Little Durasport wool 1 ply yarn (16wpi)

I used the warping peg that comes with the loom, read the instructions through and referred to them often, and exercised a lot of patience. I believe I got it warped properly, though time will tell. I need to find a better chair with support for my back, and figure out good ergonomics while changing sheds so that I don't strain my back muscles.

I'm weaving a simple table runner, 14" by 26", using grey for the warp and plum for the weft. I'm also striping a few simple grey stripes on the ends.

If I can ever get the husband to set up "his" camera (gifted for Christmas) I'll get some pics up.

This is I see a lot of weaving in my future, and I'm excited about weaving my handspun into scarves and vests and table linens. I plan to learn to spin cotton over the next few months so that I can weave cotton towels for the kitchen.

The day job may not survive.


  1. Let's face it, day jobs are way overrated!

  2. yay! weaving with handspun! many little time!

  3. what are you doing??? Another ehm.. pasttime.. hobby... whatever you dare to call it. Please make me promise to spend the first year of ravelry with spinning as only new addiction!
    Only 7 months to go....

  4. I can just about see the grin on your face! What fun to watch as someone explores new pathways of expression.

  5. have a blog!!!

    Any weaving questions you have, I will try to help you :)

    Happy New Year!

  6. Way to go!! Teaching your self to weave and using handspun yarn. Can't wait to see the finished runner.

  7. Hi Debbie. Welcome to the fiber and textile blogosphere! Congratulations on getting your loom up and running for the first time. Weaving is absolutely addictive. It's meditative, creative, relaxing, and challenging all rolled up into one. I can't wait to see those photos.


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