Thursday, January 6, 2011

Walkin' on Sunshine

Still walking - on the treadmill yesterday, because it rained buckets all morning. The Beatburn app for my phone gives me a good treadmill workout, though it has me change speeds and incline levels like a madwoman, every minute or so. I can tell I'm getting a good workout, because all the appropriate muscles are sore this morning.

No roosters in my bedroom where the treadmill lives, so no rooster pictures yet.

I participated in a fun contest on Hilary's Crazy As A Loom blog to name her Solmate Sock Rugs, and she chose my "Walking On Sunshine" name - my prize was one of her fantastic rugs! It arrived yesterday and I am thrilled. Just the thing to brighten a dreary winter - and it tickles me to have a textile from someone I admire so much. (She sells these rugs on her website - don't you want one???) One of my weaving dreams is to have a rug loom in production at all times. I'd love to hang out in her studio in the Adirondacks and watch her weave her many different rugs. She offers 'weaving weekends' and one day I just might go. Thank you so much, Hilary!!! I promised you a picture of me dancing to that song on your rug - you'll have to settle for this, as it's nigh near impossible to take a photo of yourself dancing.

"I'm walkin' on sunshine - oh, and don't it feel GOOD!"

In other sunshine happy news, my dear friend Sherie from Amarillo is on her way here RIGHT NOW. She's flying in for a fiber friends retreat at my weaving mentor Cheryl's studio - we're having a 4-day slumber party. We'll visit, spin, weave, laugh, and go to our Gulf Coast Roc Day celebration on Saturday in Lafayette. I haven't seen Sherie in a year (though we chat daily) and I can't wait to pick her up at the airport this morning. Good times!

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  1. Lots of good things in today's post! The treamill, the rug, but nothing beats hanging out with fiber friends. Have an awesome time!


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