Friday, April 18, 2014

Rainbow Napkins, Done!

I've finally finished weaving the napkins. I decided to experiment with weaving using a temple for this warp. Not for my edges, they're always fine - but it was suggested to me that a temple would reduce draw-in, and therefore allow a wider cloth for the same amount of threads. Since I weave long production-type warps of 12-14 yards, this should in theory save me on thread cost. 

Well, it slowed me down dramatically. I could have woven twice as many napkins for the same amount of time. The temple has to be moved every half-inch or so, in order to be effective. Even though the temple removal and replacement took just a few seconds, it interrupted my "flow" and took some of the enjoyment out of the weaving. And it's got to be FUN, otherwise it's not worth doing!

A temple is a great tool for keeping the woven cloth stretched to its proper width, and I'll use it for weaving rugs, but for towels and napkins, it's not for me. Lesson learned!

Here are the finished napkins - washed, dried, pressed, and hand-hemmed (available in my shop, link on the right):


  1. Love the colors and how they interact in the weave. Just gorgeous. After looking at your Etsy store I have concluded that you have a great eye for color coordinating. I like your style.

  2. Debbie, the napkins are just beautiful!


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