Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Handwoven Mermaids

I finished the Mermaid scarves. I am completely in love with weaving handspun silk. It feels great when it comes off the loom, but then, oh my! A hard pressing with an iron gives the silk a fantastic gleam and such a soft feel. These scarves are like butterfly wings.

I'm super-glad I have a whole bin of handdyed silk, because I'm going to spend this year spinning it up into scarf warp. :) For instance, I just finished spinning this skein of 400 yards laceweight silk, handdyed by Southern Cross Fibre:

It'll be the next warp on the Saori loom... but today, I'm finally starting the black rainbow towels!


  1. Beautiful, as always, Debbie. I always enjoy seeing your weaving projects.

  2. It's gorgeous! Not only one of my favorite colors, but it really glows!!

    1. Thanks so much, Anne! Silk has does that lovely gleam to it.


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