Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year! I'm excited for the things this new year will bring - the learning opportunities, the creativity, the possibilities.

How about some Goals?

1. Go for a walk every day and soak up some fresh air and sunshine. I'm registering for the Crescent City Classic 10K (March 30), and I'd like to finish with a spring in my step - daily walking will help.

2. Learn new weave structures, and do some designing.

3. Continue to cultivate a simpler life, by decluttering (PURGE!) and choosing simplicity over complexity.

4. Set up a planning board for upcoming weaving and spinning projects.

5. Incorporate more fresh seasonal foods into our usual grocery fare.

6. Devise and implement a more efficient yarn storage solution in the studio.

7. Find an additional market for my handspun and handwovens - Etsy sales have slowed dramatically.

8. Teach my daughter to weave - she's expressed interest, and I want to encourage it.

9. Read more - I've challenged myself to read one book a week plus 13 (for the year date) for a total of 65 books. See my Goodreads page for my progress - link in the sidebar.

10. Weave some Saori yardage for clothing - I want a few comfortable cotton shirts, a vest or two, and several jumpers - things I can mix/match and wear with jeans.

11. Spend more time with my siblings - the time I've spent with them over the holidays was precious, and I want to make the time for that at least once a month.

12. Manage my music better on my computer and phone. I'd like to organize it into playlists and get rid of stuff I don't ever listen to. Songs that I skip every time you come up in the shuffle, I'm looking at you...

13. Get used to my Mavea water filter pitcher. I dislike our tap water, so I drink bottled water (delivered by 5-gallon bottles). I've bought a water pitcher, but didn't like the water as much. I want to try it again and get used to it - it's cheaper and has less impact on the environment.

There! 13 Goals for 2013. I'll keep them in mind and revisit them as the year progresses - I think pursuing them will bring me great benefits.

I pray that the new year will bring you love and health and joy. Thanks for reading my little musings here - I enjoy sharing what's going on my studio and my heart. Here's to 2013 and its opportunities!!


  1. I love your goals Debbie! Happy New Year!

  2. What a great list of goals. May you have success with each and every one! For water, we use a Berkey water filter. It has made an amazing difference in taste and quality.


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