Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SAORI Carnival Scarves

Here are a couple of Saori scarves I wove this past weekend - they're just perfect for our Mardi Gras carnival celebrations here in New Orleans.

I warped 5.5 yards for two scarves using 10/2 and 6/2 cotton, rayon boucle, cotton boucle, and novelty monster yarn from outer space. I wove one with a purple 6/2 cotton and the other with a periwinkle 6/2 cotton. I love how they turned out - they're light, with lots of drape, yet warm. They can be gathered or spread - either way, there's loads of color and texture. Each scarf is 70" long, 7" wide, with 7" of knotted fringe on each end.

First the purple:

And the periwinkle:

These were a lot of fun to weave, and they'll be a lot of fun for someone to wear!

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