Tuesday, March 17, 2009

She Followed Me Home!

This is the wheel on which I learned to spin: a Country Craftsman saxony wheel, the guild's loaner. She's beautiful and smart. She needs repair, though - her footman is damaged, her leathers need replacing, her drivewheel is warped. While I'm ordering repair parts, I'll go ahead and order a few extra bobbins (she came with 4, and a 4-bobbin lazy kate).

She was languishing in a storage shed, with stuff piled on and around her, neglected and unloved. The guild is wanting to sell some unused equipment, including this wheel. (They now have a new Schacht Ladybug for loaning to new spinners.) I have great sentimental attachment to her, and will spend the money to fix her myself.

Isn't she lovely?


  1. One could never turn there back on their first love. she's beautiful.

  2. sigh, I love a happy ending ;-)

    (I'm sure she is glad that you didn't forget her)

  3. How wonderful! Glad you will take the time to get her spin-worthy again.

  4. Welcome home to the sweet wheel!


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