Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Winner Is Me!

Cyndy of Riverrim asked if anyone could guess the weight of her spindle with the cop on it, and my guess was closest - so she sent me this wonderful prize. It's a handmade wooden button - isn't it beautiful?? She offers them for sale in her new Etsy shop. She suggested that I use it as a closure for a woven bag - now I will have to plan the perfect bag to go with the button!

Her packaging is beautiful as well - I wish I'd thought to take pictures of how carefully it was wrapped. I suspect even the string is handmade, as Cyndy is a flax-spinner. Thank you so much, Cyndy - this is such a treat!


  1. Cyndy makes beautiful buttons! How lucky you are to have won one!!

  2. So glad you like the button!

    And yes, my first attempts at spinning flax make perfect string for tying up packages (I have a good supply of garden twine as well!)

    I'm still putting the shop together...items will be added as time allows ;-)


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