Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's, and Guild

Spent a relaxing morning with the husband, admiring the roses and eating a nice brunch. Then I headed to Yvonne's for Spinning.

We call our 2nd Saturday guild activity simply 'Spinning', but what it means is a day of fiber-crafting and hanging out with guildfriends. Yvonne donates her home for this every month, and we bring our lunch. We meet from 11-4 and bring whatever fiber project we want to work on - wheels, spindles, looms, knitting needles, crochet hooks, fiber, yarn - all welcome. I usually bring a wheel or two, a handful of spindles, and a bucket of fiber. Today we had 3 wheel spinners (including me), 2 knitters, 1 weaver, and 2 spindle spinners (including me).

I spun up 2 oz of purple superwash merino, which I'll ply with another 2 oz already on a bobbin. I spent a little time helping Judith, who's learning to spindle-spin. She's already been taught, but needs reinforcement and practice (don't we all??). These lovely ladies are so smart and funny and sweet - they're all from different backgrounds, and we differ on religion/politics/etc. - but the fiber brings us together and gives us a common language. I try never to miss the meetings - I learn something new every time.

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  1. I love your blogging!

    The guildmeeting sounds like a lot of fun and learning. I'm so lucky to have found an online one at last, the Spunquistadores.

    Please do tell about your fibers, its very well appreciated!


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